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UC Aerospace: 75 Years of Excellence

Thanks to Tom Curtis and Katie Hageman, there's an excellent wrap-up article posted on the College of Engineering website. Tom and Katie have also put up a picture gallery! If you are interested in obtaining digital prints, please email Katie at hagemakl@email.uc.edu directly.

The University of Cincinnati has the nation's second oldest aeronautical/aerospace engineering department. Thank you for being a part of our celebration!

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General Electric

Wood & Lamping, LLP

Awatef Hamed, PhD
(AsE '72)
Inventis Group, Ltd.
Lambda Research, Inc.

George & Judy Collier, AsE '64
Don & Rosanne Dusa, AsE '62
Russell & Lorlee Hoff, AsE '51
Peter Nagy, PhD
Jan & Donna Schilling, AsE '72

Levels: Hypersonic | Supersonic | Transonic | Sonic

   UC Aerospace >  News & Events >  75th Anniversary

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