Tandem Flybaby Construction Photos

First I built a Cardboard and cheap wood mockup.

Cut the pieces a eighth or so big and sand to fit.

First side layed out and glued, but not yet skinned.
The Pizza Box Flyer is still on the floor of the shop.

Both Fuselage sides complete and ready for assembly.

Sides clamped in assembly jig.

Next I installed all crosspieces in the region where the sides are parallel.

Next you pull the tail together and install crosspieces and diagonals.

Firewall installed. The fuselage primary (load carrying) structure is complete except for the tailpost which will be installed after the main gear. (It makes it hard to turn the fuselage over.)

Tailpost, Underfin structure and Tailwheel installed.

Plywood on upper fuselage. Note that you can now make out the two cockpits.

Mocked up instrument pannels, and fwd end of aft turtledeck.

Aft turtledeck bulkheads clamped in place.

Aft turtledeck complete. Fin spar glued in and clamped.

Vertical fin complete.

Rudder hung temporarily.

One Horizontal stabalizer hung.

One elevator hung.

The clamping jig for the third set of landing gear vees. The first had insufficient glue or insufficient clamping pressure. I only stacked weights on them the first time through. This time I made sure I had plenty of glue and plenty of pressure. Those are carriage bolts sticking up. the square part of the head imbeds in the soft chip board the jig is built on and prevents them from turning. This worked through most of the 8-10 times I had to assemble and dis-assemble the jig. the last couple I had to holt a few of the bolts from turning with a pair of vice grips while I tightened.

Here we see a landing gear vee clamped in the jig. The Crosspieces are held down with nuts and fender washers. The crosspieces are short lengths of 1by2 with holes drilled in them for the carriage bolts.

It sits on its own wheels for the first time.

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