What's a Flybaby

The Bowers Flybaby is an open cockpit, single seat, wire braced, low winged monoplane. It is all wood in construction and is fabric covered. It's a plans only project and the plans are available for $65.00 from the designer.

Peter M. Bowers
10458 16th Ave.
South Seattle, WA 98168

Top Speed       120 mph
Cruise          100 mph
Range           240 sm
Stall           45 mph
Rate of Climb   1050 fpm
Takeoff Distance        350 ft
Landing Distance        400 ft
Service Ceiling 14,000 ft
Engine Used     Cont C-85
Fuel Capacity   16 gal
Height          7 ft
Length          18.9 ft
Wing Span       28 ft
Wing Area       120 sq ft

There is also a biplane version the Flybaby 1B. The biplane plans are an additional $15.00. The biplane wings and monoplane wings can be interchanged. The plane has been successfully flown on floats as well.

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