Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory

Engineering Research Center 442, 451, 475


Director: Peter B. Nagy
731 Rhodes Hall
(513) 556-3353 
(513) 556- 5038 (fax) 


Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America

Visiting Professor, Research Centre in NDE, Imperial College London

Publications, Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Current Members:

Curtis Fox, Senior Research Associate

Dheeraj Velicheti, Post-Doc

Alberto Ruiz, Visiting Professor

Graduated Students:

Dheeraj Velicheti

Nathanael Bodine

Venkata Karthik Nadimpalli

Ziyin Zhang

Santosh Raja

Seeran Prajapati

Elhoucine Madhi

Brian Minda

Bassam Abu-Nabah

Elise Minda

Feng Yu

Alberto Ruiz
Hector Carreon
Balachander Lakshminarayan
Keerthana Kalyanasundaram
Jordan Lindsey
Kevin Kramer



Scanning ultrasonic microscope
White light interference microscope

Eddy current imager
Magnetic scanner noncontacting thermoelectric imaging

Laser interferometric detection and generation systems for non-contacting ultrasonic inspection of moving objects as well as objects in hot otherwise hostile

ACPD (alternating current potential drop) analyzer with LR-700 resistance meter

Computerized ultrasonic data acquisition systems
High-power ultrasonic system for the inspection of strongly attenuating materials
Noncontacting electromagnetic acoustic transducers
Eddy current inspection systems (Staveley Nortec, UniWest, Agilent)
100 kN MTS for fatigue cycling and electro-elastic and acousto-elastic measurements


The Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for applied scientific research and development in the area of ultrasonic, laser-optic, electromagnetic, thermoelectric, and dielectric materials characterization and nondestructive testing. Currently, it is being used for research and testing for the following agencies and companies: 


o       Nondestructive residual stress profiling based on Hall coefficient measurement, Federal Aviation Administration, 15-G-007 (2015-2019)

o       Dual-mode NDE for Selective Residual Stress Profiling in Surface-Treated IN7178, Rolls-Royce Corp (2017)   

o       Nonlinear ultrasonic mixing with phase array technology for NDE, Electric Power Research Institute (2017)

o   Nondestructive evaluation for metal-based additive manufacturing technologies, Office of Naval Research/University of Louisville (2014-2017)  

o      Nondestructive evaluation of tight interface imperfections in turbine blades repaired using direct laser deposition, Rolls-Royce Corp (2015-2017)

o       Nondestructive assessment of cold work effects in nuclear fuel assembly materials, Electric Power Research Institute (2016-2017)

o      Thermoelectric NDE for thermal aging of cast stainless steel reactor components, Electric Power Research Institute (2013-2016)

o       Pulse inversion harmonic inspection for enhanced ultrasonic NDE, Electric Power Research Institute (2015-2016)

o       Nonlinear imaging for enhanced ultrasonic assessment of diffusion bonded engine components, Federal Aviation Administration, DTFACT-13-C-00024 (2013-2015)

o    Nonlinear ultrasonic inspection of interface and bulk material imperfections, Rolls-Royce Corp (2009-2014)

o       Nondestructive characterization of residual stress distributions, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Department of Defense (2010-2014)

o       Investigation of a novel NDE method for creep monitoring, Department of Energy, NEUP-10-847 (2010-2013) 

o       Alternating current field monitoring of TIG welding of austenitic stainless steel pipes, Electric Power Research Institute (2012-2013)

o       Measurement protocol development and stability testing of ultrasonic EMATs at high temperatures, Electric Power Research Institute (2012-2013)

o       Evaluation of microstructural influences, Whemco Ohio Foundry (2010-2011)

o       Ultrasonic EMAT sensor for corrosion/erosion monitoring, ClampOn AS (2007-2010)

o       Eddy current conductivity profilometry, General Electric Aviation (2009-2010)  

o       High-temperature sensing in ordered alloys, Universal Energy Systems/AFRL (2007-2009)

o       Residual stress profiling in aero-engine Ni-base superalloys, MAI Consortium/Honeywell Engines (2008-2009)

o       Electrical resistivity measurements for microstructural evolution monitoring in IN718 nickel-base superalloy, Air Force Research Laboratory/Universal Energy Systems (2008-2009)

o       Nondestructive evaluation of residual stress relaxation in surface treated engine alloys Air Force Research Laboratory (2003-2008)

o        Aircraft and space devices, components, and systems prognosis workshop, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (2007-2008)

o   Thermoelectric nondestructive characterization of metals, Department of Energy (2003-2006)

o       Early detection of fretting fatigue cracks in Ti-6Al-4V by ultrasonic techniques, DAGSI (2001-2003)


Current research projects in this laboratory include ultrasonic, laser-optic, thermoelectric, and electromagnetic inspection of early fatigue damage in titanium alloys, corrosion detection and assessment in high-strength aluminum alloys, residual stress assessment in surface treated engine components, fretting damage detection in turbine disks and blades, and the evaluation of joint integrity in rotating components.





For more information concerning this research facility, please contact the director, Dr. Peter Nagy.

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