IASRL is an autonomous system research facility operated under the guidance of Dr. Donghoon Kim in the Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics (AEEM) at the University of Cincinnati (UC).

The lab conducts design, control, and development of autonomous systems and robotic platforms. The lab personnel regularly consists of faculty, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students.

Primary active research areas include:

  1. Guidance, Navigation, and Fault-tolerant Control of Autonomous Systems
  2. Design and Development of Space Robotics
  3. Collision-free Navigation and Coordination for Multi-robot Systems
  4. Interference-robust Localization Systems
  5. Artificial Intelligence Applications

The indoor robotics arena is the centerpiece of the lab for operating ground, aerial, and space vehicles. Other equipment has been acquired over time in order to support the active and future research areas. This includes two 6 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) Stewart platforms, and three robotic arms (2 x 4-DOF, 1 x 6-DOF) to support research area 2. Two ground and two aerial robots along with high specification computer machines are available to support research area 3. A kit of 12 ultra-wideband (UWB) sensors with tripods is available to support research area 4. More high specification computers are available to support research area 5. Furthermore, a 4-camera motion capture system is available to support all the research avtivities. For more information about available lab resources, click here.