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On-going seminar at GRLab

Weekly technical seminar at AEEM conference room (Open to Public)

Time 5:00-7:00pm, starting from August 31st 2015 for the Semester.


Past seminars at ACES Center


Seminars in 1999

1. A New Element Free Technique: The Role Of Radial Functions

Seminars in 2000

1. Automatic Solid Decomposition & Reduction For Non-Manifold Geometric Model Generation

2. Dynamic Response Of Large Scale Linear And Nonlinear Time-Varying Systems

3. Flaw Detection In Sandwich Plates Based On Time-Harmonic Response Using Genetic Algorithm

4. Advanced Computations In Nano-Structured Magnetic Systems And Phase Transitions

5.Transduction Characteristics Of Piezoelectric Transmitter And Receiver Elements In Structural Wave Acousto-Ultrasonic Applications

6. Meshless Approximation In Highly Irregular Domain: Difficulty and Solution

7. Design And Modelling Of Valve-Less Micropump

8. MEMS Application-Resonant Microsensors

Seminars in 2001

1.Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation Using a New Grid-Based Method with Geometry and Mesh Transformation Techniques

2. Energy Absorption and Energy Partitioning in Structures and Materials under Impact or Collision

3. Workshop: Numerical and Analytical Mechanics

4. Crack Detection Using Inverse Procedure and Integral Strain Measured by Optic Fiber

5. Meshless Technologies and its Applications in Thin Shell Structures

6. On High-Performance Computing : Parallel

Seminars in 2002

1. A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm And Application to Inverse Problems in MEMS

2. A Posteriori Error Bounds And Output Bounds for Coercive Partial Differential Equations Using Approximate Hybrid Flux

3. Inverse Identification For Electronic Packages Using Modified Micro-GA and Reduced-Basis Method

4. Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Laminated Composites Near a Traction-Free Planar Surface

5. Numerical Studies on the Reaction Zone of a Detonation Wave with Detailed Chemical Reaction Model

6. Generalized Stationary Properties and an Interior Point Method for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints

7. A Radical Point Interpolation Meshfree Method for Static and Natural Frequency Analyses of Shear-Deformable Laminates

8. Research and Development of Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Industry in China

Seminars in 2003

1. SH Transient Response for a Linearly Graded Inhomohegeneous Half-Space with a Tilted Free Surface

2. Collocation-based Meshless Method for the Solution of Transient Convective-Diffusion Equation

3. Surface Effect on the Mechanical Property of Metal Nanowire

4. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics And Its Applications in Simulating High Explosive Explosions